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blanford followed a chase that we've from maryland into the district of columbia. it all began this morning when the bodies of two women were found in a home on ella welch way in lothian. police say the victims are the suspect's estranged wife and her sister. according to our sister station wjla he was also a suspect in a series of robberies including one in may at the big fish grill. in crofton. >>> baltimore city police are investigating a shooting that happened in the park heights area. it happened shortly after 3:00 this afternoon near pimlico road and wiley avenue. we're told a man was shot in the head. he was taken to the hospital. there is no word on his condition. police are still determining the possible motive and they are looking for suspects. >>> a white supremacist from maryland charged with killing a security guard at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum appeared in court today. it's the first time 89-year-old james von brunn has been seen publicly since the june shooting in which he was also shot. he was in a wheelchair as a judge in federal court ordered him to remain in jail
which starts now. >>> maryland has reached outbreak status with the h1n1 pandemic. with the vaccine still weeks away health leaders face a new threat. i'm marybeth marsden. the state's schools and hospitals and clinics have experienced a surge in swine flu cases. as jeff hager reports they are bracing for double duty. >> reporter: from the first closure of some schools in the spring to the return of students and of the h1n1 virus to college campuses just a few weeks ago, the so-called swine flu has infected hundreds if not thousands of marylanders including howard county health officer dr. peter bielensen and his daughter. >> we had almost assuredly h1n1, typical flu-like symptoms, 101 temperature, body aches, cough, lasted for five or six days. >> reporter: at its peak the university of maryland college park had almost 100 students report flu-like symptoms in a single day. but now that number is down to less than a dozen per day. and they are also recovering in a matter of days. >> it clearly is quite widespread but it's nowhere near as severe as people had feared. >> reporter: sti
. it is maryland's first state park, and the first state forester, fred besley, helped establish and promote the park over a century ago. >> man: besley's interest, of course, was in preserving the tree cover. there had been a disastrous flood in the patapsco in the 1860s which wiped out all the industrial development that then existed. and by the early 20th century, that area was beginning to reforest itself... ross kimmel, state park historian: ...very nicely, but cut and run lumbermen were starting to show up to strip off those trees. >> narrator: the park was established with a bequest from john glen of catonsville, and specifically designed as an urban escape from sweltering baltimore. >> ross kimmel: besley realized that one of the best ways to sell the public on the forestry agenda was to encourage them to recreate in the out-of-doors. and by the middle of the 19-teens, he'd established public camping grounds along the patapsco river, where people from the city could come out for as long as they chose. some people came for as long as five or six months and lived in the park, using the
of maryland acorn workers giving advice to a couple claiming to be a pimp and prostitute is what prompted the cause for investigation. critics say they spend public dollars and have to be held accountable. >> they can do their own investigations. it's clear who the perpetrators were and who the messengers are here. and you know, don't shoot the messenger, go after the wrongdoing and that's what's very important here. you know, if maryland would -- maryland will become the laughing stock of the nation if our law enforcement officials nowx only on those who expose the wrongdoing within acorn. >> reporter: what will be the scope of the investigation? mum's the word from the attorney general's office. a spokeswoman says the attorney general has "no comment on an active investigation" but asked what will they investigate acorn's use of public money? or how the video and audio were obtained. she would only say the ag office would "look into the incident and right now we have no idea where it will lead." the governor who authorized the attorney general too look into acorn - >> i did sign off on
. 69 is the forecast high for our suburbs around a central maryland. not a lot of deviation from where we are right now. the slicnice easily flow is comg in. >> we will see how that impacts the ride. right now is looking good. no delays to report and no incidents at this time. let's take a look at the speed sensors. and 58 miles per hour on the j.f.x. 65 on southbound 795. overall, it is running smoothly. this is the bay bridge on the eastern shore. everything has been cleared there and it is back to normal. let's check on what else as going on. the vw -- the bwi parkway is looking in. >> class from controversy. president obama is giving a back-to-school speech. >> it is intended to be a pep talk. but it has many concerned that he will push an agenda. the white house has released the speech in advance. he encourages students to take responsibility for their education. our team coverage begins with our washington bureau reporter. >> we want to tell our children to stay in school and work hard. that is the right message to send. >> president barack obama defended his remarks as the white
million it will cost taxpayers $1165.50 per foot. maryland state highway administration says it's a small price to pay for sound proofing priceville. homeowners will have to put up with a double dose of noise from the construction and the highway. >> in the morning and evening it's horrible. you can barely talk to somebody outside op your property. >> now that noise will be buffered within a matterrive months. jeff hager, abc 2 news. >>> work on the sound wall is expected to be completed in the spring. southbound motorists on i-83 should expect occasional lane closures between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. >>> a baltimore city police officer finds himself on the other side of the law, police have been receiving tips that michael sylvester was stealing money from drug dealers and other suspects on his beat. they found three baggies of crack cocaine crack cocaine in his locker. . >> we have been getting information from suspects that he had been arresting. internal affairs worked quickly and set up a internal investigation, sting operation, we got him. >> he is facing internal charges as well as
care reform. the message tonight for a maryland congressman caught in the middle. >> and crying tears of blood. what doctors are offering to do to try to help a 15-year-old with a strange medical condition. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert is off tonight. murder of two women in anne arundel county leads to a police chase and death of a suspect. women found dead inside of a home in lothian. and police caught up with the suspect on minnesota and capital streets in washington d.c. keith daniels live at anne arundel police headquarters with the latest on the story tonight. keith? >> police have identified the victims. their names are sherrill tim mons, and shena blanford. police shot the husband. braunford broke into his home and shot and killed his estranged wife shen and her sister cheryl. happened this morning in the 200 block of lol way in lothian. one neighbor called blanford a decent man. >> up until today, of course, the actions speak for themselves, but like i said, while he
at maryland's park. more than a hundred students are being treated for flu-like symptoms. 40 are new case frs this weekend alone. right now it is unclear how many if any of these cases are swine flu. federal guidelines advise any student who feels sick to stay home. >>> more police are patrolling a local park after a woman says she was attacked there yesterday. the park is john downs memorial in passa dena. a 40-year-old woman said she was walking a trail when she passed a teen who fell off his bike. then he jumped her from behind and tried to choke her of she called 9 # 1. the teen ran off. se between 13 and 16 years old. >>> it was a standout at the university of maryland and now a star football player for the san diego chargers but tonight shaun merry man is in trouble with the law. this after his reality star girlfriend chams he choked her and held her against her will. >> reporter: 25-year-old shaun merry man, the former maryland ter opinion turned san diego chargers school. merry man faces two felony charges of battery and false imprim prisonment. he was arrested on sunday after his gir
berk. >> good morning. 6:30. let's start off here, 6:31 with maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we've had some heavy rain come through. if you're watching us in baltimore city, anne arundel county, you're likely dry but we've had heavy rain on the top side of the beltway, now pushing through aberdeen, here's havre de grace, 95 in harford county is slow because of heavy rain through periman, this is coming down really heavy and the point that it's going to make you slow down on the roads, you just had it on fallston and bel air, it's moving east. top side of 83 from cockeysville, timonium and along the york road stretch in central baltimore county another shot of rain. looks like we had that on in through the north side of reisterstown, just clipping the top side or at least the intersection of 795 and route 140. overall though we've had ourselves some wet roads because of the rain that already passed through. you're dry now in owings mills at 63 but some wet pavement and looks like we're going to a high of 74 this afternoon with the chance of more showers. >>> 6:31. let's check the
to let you know about at this hour. a quick reminder for drivers in maryland. tomorrow that texting while driving ban goes into effect starting october 1st. just keep it in mind as you make your way out and about tomorrow. working a crash in the area, that's going to be in street, maryland, in harford county. that is route 136 at scarboro road. be aware of that. at the jfx here at -- this is northern parkway, traffic looking pretty good with no problems. back to you. >>> 5:31. when you get in your car you check your mirrors, make sure the seat is where you left it, bucking bucking -- buckle up the brakes? linda so has the details. >> reporter: it's the largest recall toyota has ever had to make. at effects more than 3.5 million vehicles. the massive recall was prompted by a 911 call a california man made that killed him, his wife and a highway patrol officer. >> 911 emergency. what are you reporting? >> our accelerator is stuck! we're in trouble. there's no brakes! >> ok, and you don't have the ability to, like, turn the vehicle off? >> no, approaching the intersection! we're approach
behind the wheel nationwide. >>> a new law goes into effect tomorrow affecting teen drivers in maryland. specifically. the waiting period will increase by three months to get both the provisional and full license. also teen drivers with repeat moving violations will see tougher penalties. >>> we have another law to talk about. speeding is another concern for all drivers, especially in school zones. now, tomorrow, baltimore's automated speed monitoring program begins. dozens of speed cameras are going up around the city. in fact we saw one installed today at the almeida and 33rd street in northeast baltimore. for the first month drivers who exceed the speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour will get a warning in the mail. after that you're subject to a $40 citation. >>> in other news -- a baltimore middle school decide diagnosed with the h1n1 virus has died. just a week before the state is expecting its first shipment vaccine. her family returned to montebello academy today where the eighth grade student, destinee parker, first reported she had become ill last week. family members sa
firefighters and police officers throughout maryland to be able to coordinate with each other. >> this is going to enable baltimore county to talk to other irs dictions. in -- jurisdictions. in fact, to any jurisdiction or agency in the nation that is on the p25 digital channel. >> we're told the new digital transmission system includes upgrades to police, fire, mobile data systems and department of public works radio network. >>> it was a warning many of us take seriously. don't drink and drive but of course thousands of marylanders who ignore that are still able to get back on the road despite earvet after arrest. tonight at 11:00 we'll look at that. investigators digging deeper into one man's record to find out why he's able to get back behind the wheel even after five drunk driving arrests. our look at the system uncovered some startling statistics about the number of marylanders driving right now with more than five drunk driving convictions. groups like madd say light sentences and suspended licenses aren't enough to stop many repeat offenders. >> not enough is being done to deter that b
of maryland school of law professor and attorney andrew levy says the law of self-defense balances a person's right to defend themselves without giving them a license to kill. >> people are allowed to use deadly force in defense of their home. if there's a felony being committed or about to be committed or if they themselves reasonably believe that they or a family member are at risk. >> reporter: levy says the fact the burglar had no weapon should not matter, if he really lunged at the student prompting him to defend himself. police are still matching the witness's statements with evidence found at the scene to make sure there are no discrepancies. >> what our guys are trying to do is make sure the incident happened exactly as it did and determine if there's any criminal intent here. >> reporter: in charles village, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> late this afternoon johns hopkins university has issued a statement. it reads in part "there has been a recent rash of more than a half dozen burglaries in the area. both uniformed and plain clothes baltimore police presence in the area had been increa
, maryland, can rest a little easier tonight. remains found this weekend in a river turned out not to be human. for much of yesterday, the case was a homicide investigation and, in fact, crews spent hours scouring the water and banks nearby hoping to find clues and then, today, officials revealed that the two feet and part of an arm belonged to an mal, most likely a bear. they believe it was improperly thrown away. >>> president obama's speech to american school children come nalted the sunday morning talk shows. the white house is trying to play down the controversy white critics continue expressing concerns that the speech will amount to political indock nation. now, the white house says the text of the speech will be released ahead of time to put parents at ease. brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: the white house is trying to extinguish the speech. some parents are so fired up they are keeping their kids home. >> that's silly. they can go to school. they can not watch. it's an 18-minute speech. >> reporter: the white house website will postthe speech a day in advance to
about the closures for the maryland state fair. watch for lane closures and some delays. 66 miles per hour according to our speed sensor on the northeast corner of harford road. 57 as you make your approach to the outer loop. we are looking at a live picture of the i-95 in howard county. an easy ride overall on the major roadways. no delays yet. volume is picking up. that is the latest on traffic. >> our big story this morning, hundreds gathered last night to remember to teenagers who were killed in a terrible crash over the weekend. the driver is the father of one of the teenagers. he is a baltimore city police officer. our reporter joins us live with the very latest. >> good morning. michael jones sr. is in stable condition this morning here at shock trauma. his family says he is recovering physically, but emotionally he is devastated. hundreds of classmates, friends and family members gathered in front of overlea high school,. many had candles and some had photos. they all had a touching images of michael jones jr. and his girlfriend shaniqua tucker. >> we were like family and frie
. officer sylvester now faces internal charges as well. >>> a former maryland state trooper is free this morning on bond charged with sexually assaulting a woman. 42-year-old marlon eglasias allegedly squeezed a woman's thigh after arresting her. the woman says he also fondled and kissed her while she was handcuffed. he resigned last april but was officially charged earlier this week. >>> time now is 3 minutes after 5:00 this morning. anne arundel county police want to you look at a trio of female bandits who need to be caught because they are accused of robbing a beauty supply store last week. it's in the 5,000 block of ritchie highway in brooklyn park. police say the three women walked up to the register and asked to look at several hair products behind the counter. according to police, the suspects grabbed the items without paying, and one of the women sprayed the clerk with pepper spray. so if you have any information that can help police find the suspects, they want to hear from you. metro crimestoppers is the number to call. 1-866-7-lockup. >>> president bush wants health ca
. a night of getting high turns tragic for 2 doctors at the uniiersity of maryland school of medicine. one is dead. the other facing drug charges. crime justice reporter joy has more. >>reporter: jennifer, friends describe dr. harry john as a rising star academically. young neuroscientist working at the university of maryland medical school. but earlier this week john ended up in the emergency room. after suffering from what police are calling an apparent over dose. she had injected herself with a drug often used to treat heroin add ebingts. tonight her boyfriend of seven years dr. clinton mccrack ennis out on bail. police arrested him on drug charges shortly after john's death. clinton also a neuroscientist at the university of maryland medical school. >> they have been involved in some type of drug operation inside their home. over 25 plants of marijuana found. in addition the victim overdosed by illegal drugs that she obtained through an on line pharmacy from the philippines. >>reporter: clinton told police over the past three years he ordered narcotics for recreational use n
agrees contracts will determine the level of help victims receive. but the maryland insurance administration sent representatives door-to-door over the weekend to make sure they are getting what they paid for. >> we want to make sure we enforce the terms of that contract and make sure we recover every penny. we can't go backwards and renegotiate contracts but we can make sure that the terms of the contracts are fully honored. >> reporter: state insurance regulators say whether homeowners are insured or not those with policies should submit a claim in writing and make sure if they are denied they have that in written form as well. they also should keep any receipts for clean-up or contractors since it could ultimately help them should they file a claim with the city to pay for the damage. since the problem stemmed from its watermain. >> whether or not the city honors these claims will depend on the issue of negligence. and that's far beyond the scope of what, you know, what we can determine. >> reporter: in dundalk, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> this happens every time there's a di
the state of maryland. >> reporter: and now instead of being flooded with water, this area is flooded with emergency workers and construction workers. you can see the backhoes, and the dumpsters there trying to excavate the area to get this cleaned up as soon as possible. there are folks going around the area to check on homes at their homes to make sure they're okay. as the governor mentioned, burling highway is closed and probably will be closed for quite some time. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, eyewitness news. >>> our complete coverage continues now with how this is affects the entire community. >> reporter: even though the water has gone down, people here have a lot to deal with. first of all you can see their street is just a sheet of mud. there's significant amounts of waters inside their homes, inside their cars, condensation on all of these vehicles because the water rose so high. these cars are just on a long list of damages. for onlookers the sight was hard to believe. >> this is a waterfall, a gusher, whatever you call those things. >> reporter: for those who have built
institute >>> a marine from maryland is one of the latest casualties in afghanistan. this comes as president obama brainstorms about a strategy change. good afternoon everyone. the president is meeting with the defense secretary later today. this comes with news that an maryland marine was killed over the weekend. brooke has the latest from washington. >> president obama will carry out the case to send more troops to afghanistan. up to 40,000 more is what general mccrhrystal is said to want. the president says he will ask, will be wiped out al qaeda? >> my overriding goal is to dismantle the al qaeda network. >> 68,000 troops are in afghanistan now, almost one- third on barack obama's order. the pentagon is committed to this mission. >> if the world is committed to this, it will require us to something -- will acquire us excepting additional responsibility. >> many civilians have been killed. taliban fighters are regrouping and claims of fraud hang over the elections. could an iraqi-style surge help? >> i don't think there is support for sending more troops to afghan
on the unemployment rate which are still covering 10%. >> thank you. >> ahead, a startling number of maryland nursers go hungry every day. >> inches in the right diet can help with diabetes and prevent breast cancer. >> -- choosing the right diet can help with diabetes and prevent breast >> 63 degrees downtown. 64 at the airport. people conditions -- beautiful conditions. the sunshine will be beaming out there. the sun and sun is setting at 7:35. your seven-day forecast is coming up. >> the mediterranean diet may be better than low-fat food when it comes to managing diabetes. one group of diabetics was put on a low carbon mediterranean diet. -- low carb mediterranean diet. after four years, half of those on this diet needed to go on medication. that is compared to those that draw on another diet. >> breast feeding, daily exercise, and keeping alcohol to one drink a day could prevent breast cancer cases. researchers say they have identified a gene that can trace it to the brain. if they can turn the gene off, it can stunt the chances of developing breast cancer. coming up, some more pre case spot-k sp
landers and -- marylanders who shared their war stories. >> sandra made an emotional plea for health care reform on tuesday. the double bypass patient was one of five marylanders gathered at the logic cummings office. -- eli shauna cummings office. >> i have no idea how i will pay for health care. çour records have gone up so hh that i'm afraid i will lose my half. >> the congressmen said america's health-care crisis is an anomaly -- is an economic threat and a moral outrage. >> i want to return this to the center stage of the national care debate. not only is it a human cost, but our moral duty. >> opponents say there are too many plants that are too vague and too expensive. >> we are trying to fix at giant problem with a giant balad it is too complex to be fixed in one shot. >> just in his district, cummings says, the plan will reach 60,000 uninsured residents, held a 40,000 seniors pay for prescription drugs and keep 1000 families out of bankruptcy. >> we need to reform our insurance system now. >> also, the congressman said in his district alone, health care providers will be reimbu
most of the metropolitan area. lower southern maryland is still dry at this time. all along the i-95 corridor. moderate rainshowers coming into the area. continuing rainfall overnight. we could get one to two inches of rain before all is said and done. we have the seven day coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, chuck. >>> six men in five states have been charged with plotting to blow up buildings. three of them are accused of attacking the marine base. they held exercises should something like that happen in our area. there was a fake bombing involving chemicals and tragedies. similar were in fairfax and prince william counties. >>> over all, the arrests tell us the terrorist threat is still rare. we need to prepare for it. the things we have seen in the past, whether 9/11 or arrests that happened since then, require us to be on our toes. >>> today's exercise was the last in a series of three. organizers say they tested the emergency personnel to work together. >>> iran announced it will allow an inspection of its secret nuclear facility, but the united states is still pursuing inte
is off today. we are talk about maryland's budget awe and some fashion finds but before any of that kim has the forecast. >> you know what i found in the sky, at night we have the full corn moon lighting your way. >> what's the full corn moon. >> the moon we get in september when the equinox falls closer to the moon in october. normally we would call it the harvest moon in october but it is too early to do that. >> we will take the corn. >> yeah. ok tse idoutside and talk or r 9. s mbosnumbers isthupe ed up the us better s at 70. 50s in west virginia an western maryland. i found the sunshine. we have it today, tomorrow and even sunday. notice the temperatures get a little warmer each day. 84 on saturday and 83 on sunday. our weather has been clear and sunny, but along the coast they have had showers overnight and more clouds. this is the ocean city time lapse tower cam. in you are heading to ocean city today here's a look vee ve along the boardwalk. everybody is getting ready. we have more clouds out there but it is dry right now. if you are taking it to the beach, be mindful there ar
>>> laboring on the roads. marylanders celebrate the holidays. >> the impact it's going to have on travel. >> hello, again. >> here's what people are talking about this afternoon. some roads are proving to be a bit busier than others, and some aren't busy at all. take a live look at the western end of the bay bridge where things are relatively calm. give it some time. they're expected to get packed there later on coming back from the beach. we have more on what travelers need to know today. good afternoon. >> hi, yes, they do expect the worst of the traffic to hit that bay bridge area later on in the day. they're sake peak time between now and 10:00 tonight. so if you haven't left already, you may want to wait. get stuck in this mess and drivers know it's no picnic. >> excruciating. you've just got to sit there and wait. >> reporter: and if you're hitting the roads, you'll definitely have some company. the maryland transportation authority police expect nearly two million cars will pass through the state's bridges and toll plaza's this holiday weekend. >> i'm definitely guessing
to sell his plan for health care reform and today he held a campaign-style rally in maryland. abc2 news terry owens joins us with highlights from the speech. >> reporter: president obama spoke to thousands of college students today at the university of maryland college park. he pitched his message for health care reform to young adults because they are the ones who would pay for a big chunk of his plan. the president calls health care "a defining struggle of this generation." >> young people, it's about what kind of country you want to be. we are the only nation on earth that has millions of people without health insurance. >> reporter: president obama says he knows the fight will be a difficult one but says the coalition of hospitals, doctors, nurses and drugmakers support the effort. he once again called for a public insurance option which most congressional republicans and some democrats oppose. the president plans to continue his public appeal. he is scheduled to appear on five news talk shows sunday and he'll sit down with david letterman next week. terry owens, abc2 news. >> 15,00
. >> in maryland, it is against the law to videotape oral communication between two parties without their consent. >>reporter: the state's attorney's office has no plans to pursue criminal charges yet because no one asked them to. without knowing specifics, the information is incomplete. >> she can perform tricks in the house. >>reporter: a similar video was shot in washington d.c., but there are no laws restricting the records of video or audio without consent. this is just the latest scandal involving acorn. the organization is accused of voter fraud and the u.s. census bureau will no longer conduct business with the group. some are now calling on congress to investigate acorn and its use of government funding. live tonight in north baltimore, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> baltimore county police are searching for a truck that was involved in a hit-and-run accident last night. it happened about 10:30 friday night. a woman was hit. she is at shock trauma with life-threatening injuries. police are looking for a dark blue or black full-sized pickup truck. they say the truck sit
reform make their case to maryland congressman frank and they he said up pushing each other around. >> listen. listen. okay. i don't shov me. >> supporters and opponent of the bill rallied outside his office in centerville. they collected more than 1,000 signatures from others who also want to change the system. >> i captain stand the thought that i can get health care and somebody who doesn't have the money can't. >> country is broke and what we have here is people trying to get our government to spend more money. >>reporter: cradville didn't attend last night rally but organizers say they plan to get the petition to him as soon as possible. >>> students nationwide are getting assignment from the president of the united states. next week president obama will deliver a speech to students but the speech is creating a lot of debate tonight. jeff joins us with the story. jeff. >>reporter: well next tuesday the president will travel to a virginia high school where he will deliver a back to school address. he's encouraging thousands of class rooms in this country to tune in.
need to add about 125,000 jobs a month to keep the unemployment rate stable. >>> university maryland college park is feeling the financial pinch now days. normally the university receives appeals from 300 students who say they need more financial aid. in the first eight months of this year that number is 5 times higher with about 1500 piece. in fact a final aid director closed her office to visitors on wednesday just so her staff could catch up on all the appeals. >> traffic trouble this evening after water main break in baltimore county. 12 inch main broke in the 1600 block of belaire road in overly. water flooded the park in the shopping center and water main shut down to fix it leaving nearly 200 homes without water. >> it is really impossible to say until we are in the hole and can see what happened. sometimes even then you just can't tell. older mains they brake. they are a useful life to all of our infrastructure and at some point -- >>reporter: if you see something like this, you can share it with baltimore. up load photo video or written stories to neighborhood news. go
the state deficit. >> another beautiful day in maryland. tonight we could see record low temperatures. how cold it can get in my sky watch forecast. >> massive wildfires. the city being threatened by out of control flames in the state of california. >>>. >> hello. jennifer is off tonight. breaking news out of west baltimore. 2 men have been shot in the 1900 block of north fulton avenue. it happened just after 4. homicide detectives are currently at the scene. we know one victim was shot in the head. both were taken to shock trauma. >>> emotions run high in andarundle couldn't as 15-year-old apologizes for manslaughter. teen entered the plea in the case for christopher jones killed while riding his bicycle last may. kathleen joining us now with the very latest on the story tonight. >>reporter: the teen told the judge he was sorry and told christopher jones parents he was praying for their for giveness. now he is headed to a juvenile residential home where the 15-year-old will stay until the court's reevaluate his status. as christopher jones parents leave and right hand county co
. but, in maryland, the city state's attorneys office says suspects charged with attempted murder are automatically denied bail. >> based on the information that all, both the prosecutors and pretrial had todd today and the information put on the public record. the judge decided to hold these vowels without bail. >> reporter: meanwhile according to blows over the weekend his condition got much worse and he was at one point put on life support t16 year veteran has since improved and his condition stabilized. in baltimore, brian cube letter, abc 2 news. >>> and the next time both teen suspects will be in court is october the 8th for their preliminary hearing. >>> a man and two teenagers have pleaded not guilty in what authorities are calling a hate crime. attorneys for kelvin lockner, 16-year-old emmanuel miller and zachary watson entered the pleas today. police say the three beat james rivet in an unprovoked attack last month as he was fishing in a waterfront park in baltimore. the three are set to face trial in december. >>> a white eventually sift for maryland accused of killing
to be moving at speed. you can follow mae on twitter to get your traffic updates. that is twitter . com/maryland traffic. two accidents in the area we're working. one in havre de grace, one at 95, another crash at elkridge. route 1 at capital drive reported to be just north at 175. so use caution as you approach the intersections this morning. as we look at the jfx at north avenue, traffic is beginning to build on the left-hand side of your screen. no problems to report at this time. megan, back to you. >>> police are looking into what led up to an overnight gun fight in west baltimore. this all happened on west wood avenue. officers found one man shot several times. they say he might not survive. mees also found a second victim. he'd been shot in the leg. authorities have not made any arrests so far. >>> new at 6:00, the fight against h1n1 took a new turn overnight. in australia, country regulators approved an australian-made vaccine for the h1n1 vaccine. the country will become one of the first to vaccinate against the illness. the vaccine will go into use later this month. >>> new traffi
at this hour. >> maryland state police are investigating this one. serious charges of a frightening abduction that ended here. at this convenience store. >> maryland state police say they found the woman here, at this 7-11, at abingdon, and philadelphia roads in harford county. badly bruised and bleeding. >> amazing. amazing that she got away. and she would fall back. >> troopers have arrested 40-year-old paul johnson. he faces several charges, including kidnapping, assault and carrying a concealed weapon. investigators say johnson met the woman in aberdine. they were traveling from there to edgewood, just before midnight monday. when the woman started feeling unsafe. with johnson's demeanor. >> at one point, you know, it is possible that he could have had her in a strangle hold or something like that. >> troopers say the woman asked to get out of car and johnson refused to let her go. they say he put a huge knife to her throat and threatened to harm her if she left. but investigators say the woman saw a chance to get away. when they approached the intersection at abingdon and philadelphia ro
in that area. let's check the outer loop in maryland. a little volume is building but moving well between 95 and georgia. 270 southbound, 109 to 121 also moving well. little slow. not too fast but that is going well as well as 66 eastbound, 50 to 123 no incidents or accidents to report there. >> thank you. >>> on the rundown at 6:01, the push for health care reform. a committee vote could come next week from a plan from senator baucus. he unveiled the plan yesterday. it could create co-ops to sell insurance instead of the federal government. insurance companies would have to sell insurance to anyone even those with preexisting conditions and it would lower prices for low-income families and cover preventive dental and mental health care. while he has no republicans on his side now, he is hoping for gop support. >> at the enof the day we all share a common purpose, that is to make the lives of americans better than they are today tomorrow and to get health care reform done. which means the time to come for action is now. >> reporter: the senator adds his plan would not add any money to the de
station, shuttle buses arrived to take people to the university of maryland to hear president obama talk about his health care proposal. at the nearby park and ride, some showed up before dawn to be first to the speech. >> there has been a lot of vocal opposition to all of the proposals thus far. i think it is important for supporters to be just as vocal and come out and show support. >> my husband has a great job and we have great health insurance, but i think everyone should have health insurance. i do not understand the people who oppose it. it makes no sense to me appear grex the free shuttles filled up quickly, with limited parking access on campus, where thousands stood in line before the rally. some came to hear the details of the plan for themselves. >> the more i hear, the better i understand it, so that is why i am here. >> i think for myself. >> not everyone here is in support of the president's plan. once the organized his own rally. >> michael started a group on his facebook page, encouraging students to stand together outside the rally. >> unfortunately, i do blame the univ
at carroll county. >> this is the 2700 block of cedar first road. maryland state police are conducting an investigation into a pickup truck that ended up crashing into a house. not quite sure exactly how this happened. we know that maryland state troopers have responded to the location and a transported the victim to shock trauma. serious but non-life touching. -- non-life threatening. >> our the big story this noon, a group of johns hopkins students buy back against -- fight back against an intruder with a samurai sword. the suspect is dead and police are searching for answers. >> we are still on the scene with baltimore city police. this the 300 block of east university parkway. this is where this took place early this morning. according to police, a johns hopkins undergraduate took a samurai sword to an intruder in an attempt to protect himself. police said the residents here call police just before 1:30 a.m. with the report a bust -- the report of a suspicious person. one personnel responded to the area, they heard shouts and screams and they found the suspected burglar suffering f
medevac crash. maryland house speaker michael busch reappointed a work group on emergency medical services. he says the system is complicated and requires continued legislative oversight because it relies on fire and rescue personnel. >>> authorities are investigating a suspicious white powder found on an envelope at nasa headquarters in washington, dc. hazmat teams have been sent to the facility in northwest washington. we're told the immediate area was evacuated but not the entire building. there are no associated threats with the incident but crews are investigating. we're also told no injuries or illnesses have been reported. >>> two movie star monkeys had a stressful morning at a boston hotel. high readings of carbon monoxide disrupted their sleep and forced them to make a quick evacuation. stars of adam sandler's new movie "the zookeeper" were also among the 300 guests. good news for the guests and monkeys, the leaks were fixed and no one was hurt. >>> a coastal flood advisory has been issued. that means there could be high water in some areas, particularly from harford county, south
's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> more pain ahead. 736 million already cut from the state budget. now the governor is bracing for more bad news. >> we have to weather this storm. we have to weather this recession airy storm. >> reporter: tonight now big is the gap this team and will it mean more layoffs and if you are lows for state workers? >>> i'm denise koch. >> and i'm dick dick. in just a matter of hours, the state board of revenue estimates will release its budget projections and it's not looking good. wjz is live. kelly mechanic fear son spoke with governor oemalley about what we're facing. >> reporter: because of the economy and unemployment, the state revenue is expected to drop again and we're expected to hear tomorrow that the number is by $300 million. maryland needs to cut back again. this time to cover a $300 million shortfall on top of 735 million already cut this fiscal year. >> what i'm wondering how far will they go. they're cutting cutting cutting. there's going to be nothing left for us. i know it's a recession but how much does he expect for
, no problems at northern parkway. back to you. >>> "good morning maryland" time coming up on 5:31. overnight, another police-involved soog in the city and -- shooting in the city and we're first on the scene. our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill was there when two baltimore city police officers were trying to make a drug arrest in the 2200 block of orleans. happened after midnight. an officer with the monument street initiative was forced to shoot after the suspect attacked the other officer with a knife. the officer had a bulletproof vest that protected him from getting hurt. the suspect died at the hospital. we'll have a live report a little later on from linda so on where the investigation now stands. >>> and after breaking the story yesterday we spent the rest of the day in the johns hopkins university neighborhood. >> we heard there was praise and criticism directed towards the hopkins student who used a samurai sword to stop a robbery. the alleged robber died. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: this morning baltimore city police are expected to beef up patrols
'll explain. >>> those stories are coming up. >> let's take a look right now at maryland's most powerful radar and camera. it's all gone. we'll try to rerack the image of the full moon. great camera work by glenda upstairs. if you have been watching for the last few minutes it proves we have clouds to the east and slicing it right through baltimore this morning. the sun may be obscured by the clouds making for a pretty sunrise and will give way like yesterday to a pretty good looking day. we are starting today at 60 right now in baltimore. 83% humidity. as we go in through today, watch the clouds that have come back in overnight, trying to break up in baltimore. as we move into the morning, the clouds slowly move on the eastern shore. it's not this morning, late today and into the weekend. we average upper 50s and mid- 60s. the mostly cloudy skies breaking up, giving way to a mostly cloudy afternoon. it is 6:31 right now. let's see what's happening back on the roads with kim. >> reporter: justin, we have a disabled vehicle on northbound 95. here in anne arundel county, route 97 looks go
havre de grace and parkville. 59 westminster. 63 in annapolis. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and yes, we've had ourselves a little bit of drizzle around town. doesn't show up that well on the radar. go back to the west side of dc, that is the rain trying to head our way. chantilly lace getting a little wet this morning. yeah, we'll get a little wet. showers this morning and the afternoon, light rain, our two-degree guaranteed high of 67. here's kim now at 5:30 with the traffic. >> thank you. aka the big bopper, i hear you with "♪ the chantilly lace♪ >> you got your singing clip. a little traffic. 95 southbound approaching whitemarsh boulevard, no problems to let you know there or at the tunnels, checking in pretty good. we have two fire scenes in the city. that probably has some intersections closed. you'll see a detour at smort smallwood between clifton and walbrook. and franklin between freemont and north schroeder. use caution. jfx and 41st street, traffic is beginning to build southbound but everything looks good so far. back to you. >>> 5:31. what's your poison? di
to know what you think. >>> crabs are a staple in maryland no doubt about it. there is a big change starting today when it comes to female crabs. >>> also, it is a big event in hundred valley. it is coming up. as the social event this weekend. >>> it is wet out there. heavy rain coming down in carol county. westminster you are getting it. it is sliding towards the beltway. we'll continue to track this on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. right now it is 5:06. here's mark jones. >> buses 44 working with a diversion. construction on the scene. number 17 diverted at corporate drive and international. you'll find heavy volume of passengers on the 13, 7 and five bus lines. allow extra time on the buses due to wet roadways. good morning. have a good day. nnouncer) they're highly trained specialists. true professionals, always ready when they hear the call... guys, pancakes! because when it's pancakes everyone's in it together. ♪ take me home ♪ take me home ♪ to my family ♪ ♪ i need to be surrounded by ♪ the ones who care for me softness you can feel. tide with a touch of
complete coverage on wjz 13, maryland's news station. >>> an all-out man hunt in baltimore city. police zero you in on the shooters that nearly killed a police officer at his own home. >> a police officer recovering from gun shot wounds following a shoutout with at least two suspects. the officer is now being treated at sinai hospital. >> reporter: he was brought here to sinai because it's the closest to his home. he will still need more surgery for a wound in his leg but thankfully he's listed as satisfactory. last night, a heavy response flooded the area with police after the off-duty officer who has not been identified was shot while walking into his home. >> we know he was attempting to get into his home when he was approached by two suspects who were trying to rob him, gunfire was exchanged and he was struck in the stomach. >> reporter: missay they have the names of two suspects and a search is underway. identities have not been released but a good deal of attention given to bicycles found in the area. the motive appears to have been robbery, it's not clear if the suspects were w
flu. drew levinson, cbs news, new york. >>> in maryland officials are preparing for a flu pandemic by adjusting attendance policies for state workers. they are at level two of the pandemic flu and leave policy. it allows them to telecommute. going back to work standards and advance sick leave bank. >>> a soldier from maryland is among the latest to die in afghanistan. 29-year-old sergeant first class was killed on wednesday. he was from glen burnie and faced out of ft. bragg, north carolina. maryland comptroller wants another term. the democrat from maryland filed with the board today to run for a second term of office. the comptroller collects taxes, regulates alcohol, tobacco and motor fuel industry. >>> in the 9 news now update, an announcement to cut 150 jobs in portion county is on hold until next month. the county is already terminated 55 positions but the state just cut another $22.7 million in funding to the county. union officials say county employees will learn by october 1st if they are in fact losing their jobs. police, fire and corrections officers are not expected to
couldn't county and oakland. we are mid to upper 60s along the bay in southern maryland and parts of the northern neck. mid-60s by 9:00 a.m. low 70s for the lunch hour. it will be a great day to eat outside and for the the ride home sunny and 78 degrees. it is 6:00 straight up. kris sneed has the traffic. >> thank you. it seems to be an incident filled morning so far and that will continue with this trend. 66 eastbound is jammed from route 50 to the beltway. you are about 15 minutes and building. we are getting a report of an accident at 495. not sure what is up there yet, but i will get word on that shortly. going to the graphics, inner loop is looking good as you see, 60 miles an hour is the average there. over to inbound new york avenue. we are seeing slow downs from the times building to bladensburg road and heading up to maryland and check out 270, the accident on route 80 is almost clear. should be out of the way now and slow germantown to i-370. finish it up 95 and the bw parkway, nothing but green cars as you make your way out of baltimore past 198 to the beltway. >> thank
. >>> maryland's intercounty connector highway will be open in a few years. the goal to speed along your morning commute. digital correspondent alex trevino is live in silver spring and says it will cost you plenty. hey there, alex. >> reporter: hi there, jessica. the question is, are people willing to avoid a traffic bottleneck. the goal is to relieve traffic congestion on back roads like the one here in silver spring and new hampshire avenue. the luxury of a traffic free highway is nothing free these days. >> time is always money. >> reporter: lescy has been looking forward to beating the traffic on the icc now under construction between shady grove and prince georges county and on wednesday, maryland's transportation authority announced the proposed tolls. >> pricing is set with two objectives in mind. one is to make sure it is a congestion-free roadway. >> reporter: that means once it is built the price goes up at rush hour to keep traffic down to travel the route from shady grove to u.s. 1. it will cost 6.15 at rush hour and 3.55 off peak time. add $3 if you go without an e- zpass bringing
to the university of maryland. more cuts. the free state could be forced to cut even more programs when a new financial report comes out this afternoon. >>> good morning. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. thank you for joining us. today is thursday, september 17th. we will check in with patranya bhoolsuwan for traffic in a moment but first we start off with kim martucci who has a look at the forecast. >>> good morning. this is our time lapse tower cam from the netherlands carillon. a lot of clouds have been hanging tough with us. a couple of rain drops ahead. we are at 65. northeast winds keeping us company at ten miles an hour and boy has the humidity come up. it is 78%. this is what it looks like across the suburbs. 50s out there winchester to martinsburg, 63 manassas and 65 inside the beltway. in to the afternoon we will watch these clouds linger and a few rain drops. no washouts, but we will be keeping it a little soggy at any given moment. temperatures cool, 70. as we mentioned, patranya bhoolsuwan is in for the traffic report. let's find out the latest. good morning. >> good morning,
yes. >>> hundreds of university of maryland students are sick with the flu. >> up next. why they won't know if it is swine flu. >> i have my water bottle. i have my cell phone. i have my keys and my hat. >> you know how it works. the bigger the bag the more women cramp into them. up next how to tell if your purse is too heavy for your own good. >> nation awaits president obama address on health care reform. we'll have local reform. we'll have local reaction coming [house] wow, i feel like a new house after my quick home energy check-up from bge. it's the closest i'll ever get to a day spa. they wrapped my pipes, installed cfl bulbs, recommended a little nip/tuck around the old windows and more. [announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at, and pamper your home with a quick home energy check-up. [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life. >> congress is back in session today. health care of course is front and center. new policies despite the shouting and finger biting at the town hall meetings opinions remain the same. gallup poll
about this story and more coming up on "good morning maryland." >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. let's find out about our glorious weather. more today? >>> 5:30. we've got ourselves a brand new half-hour here and we've got the last warm day of the week. hope you enjoyed yesterday's 81 degrees. we should jump a little higher today, we start at 612 in baltimore. 93% humidity. and yes, there are some areas of patchy fog. so more than we had yesterday. there may be a little obscured visibility in some of the places north and west of the beltway. 62 in baltimore to 63 easton. we may find some 50s but otherwise we jump to 81 by noon. increasing clouds, 85 our two-degree guarantee later today. >>> 5:30, let's check the roads with kim. >> the overnight construction projects are in the midst of being picked up but if you're headed out in the next few minutes you may or may not see them. 95 southbound lanes on the righthand side of the screen, a little bit of building volume down towards the 695/895 split. on the outer loop at security boulevar
flags mean you should get to the hospital no matter what anyone says. >>> the state of maryland announced today they can begin ordering the vaccine for the h1n1 flu. there are five target populations to receive the vaccine right away. pregnant women, children from six months up to young adults, 24 years of age and others include health care workers, people who live or work with children under six months of age and adults between 25 and 64 with pre-existing conditions. state officials say 2.9 million marylanders fall into that target population. >>> on abc2 we've posted a link to the center for disease control swine flu web site. on that site you can find everything from vaccine recommendations to everyday actions that you can take to stay clear of the virus. you can find this under the links mentioned on air section of our web site. >>> some scary moments for students and teachers at corcoran middle school in glen burnie this morning. they had to be evacuated around 8:00 because of a type of chemical odor that filled the school. some kids complained of headache and naus
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